Thursday, January 30, 2014

newborn vs future

cute babies ! thanks to mr google for the pixcha !

first post.
but not a new blog.
this post is just random for this year.
trying to figure out on how to become a good mother in the future.
being a part time baby-sitter make me think a lot about my future.
life as a woman, isn't just about working and then producing babies.
do remember, a mother has big role on growing the babies.
how would you want your children to be, a gangster ?
a successful person ? you decide from how you grow them.
so be wise woman.
you are the diamond for them.

goodnight reader,

*sunnah : recite du'a before going to sleep and have ablution to get a nice sleep :)

Monday, October 29, 2012


peace be upon you all. :)
how's your day?
okay first of all i would like to apologise.
seem like you havent know me well. haha.
i didn't update my blog for long.yeaaa TOO long!
haha. it's okay, now i'm updating it.

actually i would like to promote a page that sell
varities of nice clothes for women.
it's stylo and yet the colour really nice!
one word to describe FABOLOUS!
DO visit the page to have some look.


adios! have a nice day~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

BC Major BioChemistry

surprising blog title huh?
no hello or other welcoming words. haha
okay then, peace be upon you guys and girls.
today's entry is about my course for degree.

scary? nervous? sweating?
almost same meaning.
but all of that things are playing inside me now.
until i've got nothing to say.

nevermind then.
just a short entry,
pray for me.
cause i'll do my best for that
scary course. hihi.

dadaaaa~~~ :D

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i'm going to the farm :D

the best words ever adalah mendoakan kesejahteraan orang lain,
itu yang islam ajar sejak saya dari, for a start.....
warga bloggerrrr :D

hehe, since da agak lama tak update blog, tak bermakna saya melupakan encik blogger ya. :)
i'm just too busy dengan housework until most of the time spend masa kat rumah then buat kerja.
besides, sekarang tengah busy jugak tolong mak buat business. nak tahu business apa? 
keh3. jeng jeng jeng. business popia kecil binti chumelll! hehe. so, kalau readers nak beli, boleh la 
contact sy. :D back to our post title, hari ni, saya nak sangat share pengalaman saya sebagai 
seorang pelajar yang sangat-sangat dah lama tak menjejakkan kaki ke kebun. you know what?
some students think that they are not suitable to be in the farm. katanya, kebun untuk orang miskin.
ohmygawddddd! itu pemikiran yang sangat cetekk! let me repeat, pemikiran yang sangat cetek ye. 

who says, kebun untuk orang miskin sahaja? you go to watch tv la. tengok rancangan AGROJURNAL. 
mostly, yang ada kebun ni orang yang berkerjaya. means, diorang ada banyak peluang rezeki since diorang boleh buat banyak business. so, guys and girls, change your paradigma, open up your mind, jangan sempitkan pemikiran ya. rezeki itu ditangan Allah. what ever you do, if you do it for Allah the greatest, 
insyaAllah He will ease your way. believe me? you should believe me. it's already proven in Al-Quran. :)

errr? terpanjang pulak mukaddimah untuk post kali ni. actually, just nak tunjuk hasil dari pergi farm tuh sebenarnya, keh3. tapi takpe, bukan selalu kan saya memanjangkan mukaddimah, keh3. rajin-rajinlah membaca naa. nahhhh~ gambar untuk tatapan umum. :) 

and for your information, my main objective for going to the farm is thissssss............

vegetable called pucuk miding! :D

ni lah hasilnya selepas beberapa jam
plus working with my sister

tadaaaa~! my favourite vege ---> pucuk miding goreng belacan. 
and i've successfully cooked it on my own! hehehe :D

my mission is a total SUCCESSSS!!! *alhamdulillah*
so, kome sume, ape lagi...go try la. sure it's gonna be REALLY FUN! hehe 
daa~~~~ :D


1+1 = 3 not equal to 2

everyone must be questioning and puzzled about above formula right?
that's it! you all must have been thinking that i'm not good in calculations. 
it's up to you then what you want to think about me. but before that,
let me explain the story behind the above formula.

recently, I've been reading novel titled "Sinergi" and good news I've completed reading it! 
keh3. congratulations to me! (cause i hate thick books! LOL)
I've heard about the novel from a friend of mine, she said all good things about 
this novel. but still, i refuse to buy it. i buy the other books.
but then, i met with this novel for the second time, and the same friend of time still
promoted me this book, that time i have no choice, I've got nothing to buy
during the books festival, so i force myself to buy it. in malay we say paksa rela. haha!

but, you know what? now, i feel very grateful. and i think, that time ALLAH have 
opened up my heart to buy the novel. praise to ALLAH. 
I've gain a lot of knowledge from the novel. and that novel 
really have realised me how should we treat our friend in Islam. 
formula 1+1=3 not 2 is obtained from the novel.
and SERIOUSLY, i agree with the formula. it means, friendship that is tied on 
faith to Allah will produced some kind of strong unexplained power. 
for sure, you won't understand or you might not believe me if you don't experienced it
yourself right? some goes to me. but, after I've read the novel. i believe it.
and i hope someday, i can be like irfan and get a 
friend like irfan and asid
Both asid and irfan are the main characters in the novel. 

now, it's my time to take place of a friend of mine to promote all of you to 
read the novel! :D hurry up, guys and girls, don't waste your time! go to the nearest 
store and purchase it on your own. with your bare hand so that your satisfaction is high! 
*out of the topic* haha.

bye for now! assalamualaikum ~~~~~ 

he also reads it until he falls asleep! :D *joke joke*